Stuff we’ll write about...

Here's a short list of topics (tools, methods, process, ideas, etc.) we’ll cover over the next months:
- Personas
(How to do them, what to use them for, how many do you need, assumption-based vs. research-based, etc.)
- Customer Journey Maps
(How to do them, Emotional journey mapping, storyboarding, stages, swimlane maps to viualize channels, touchpoint vs. channel, backstage processes, dramatic arcs, assumption-based vs. research-based, high-level vs. detailed journey maps, etc.)
- Stakeholder maps
(How to do them, visualizing product-service ecosystems, value network mapping, assumption-based vs. research-based, high-level vs. detailed stakeholder maps, etc.)
- Design research
(How to do this, ethnographic research process and methods, particpant and non-participant observation, contextual intervies, self-exploration/auto-ethnography, mobile ethnography, etc.)
- Service design includes business design
(You can't design a service without designing a business model and respective organisational structures. We use simple tools like the Business Model Canvas to quickly craft and check a business model in service design.)
- Service Design as an approach to management
(For us, service design is not "just" another design discipline, but a common language to connect silos in an organization. It is more a management approach to cope with multi-channel customer experiences and contnous innovation.)

Something missing? Are there other fields of interest we should cover? Let us know! ;)